Spring is in the air

At least it is at the Shoppes on Woodlawn.
Thursday morning I took in some of my newest handmade aprons. All of my new aprons are made from vintage linens. They embody two of my favorite things. Aprons and old sheets. 🙂
I would have loved to have kept them for myself but alas that defeats the purpose. 🙂
So……. “How Does Your Garden Grow”?
I have been dreaming of this aprons since I got the pillowcases it was made from. And I have had then for so long I can’t begin to to tell you where they came from.
The skirt is very full and would make a lovely Easter dinner hostess apron or even donned over a flowy petticoat style skirt for you Easter outfit.
“In Full Bloom” for spring. Made from vintage napkins and rows of layered eyelet lace, this apron is pleated on the side which gives it a slight a-line appearance.
This “Delicate Flower” is perfect for your Easter brunch. made from gauze-like handkerchiefs that give the apron a petal effect.
“Springtime Memories” makes use of the only salvageable corner of a delicate vintage handkerchief. The apron’s body was formerly an eyelet edged pillowcase.
I organized my wall very well to show off my aprons more. When I knew I was going to have to more from the parlor of the Shoppes, I had hoped to have enough floor space for a rolling clothes rack. If I couldn’t have three dress forms then I figured hangers would be great for showing off my aprons.
Even though the rack wasn’t feasible I think the hangers work very nicely.
Everything looks nicer to me. Did i just spring clean my area at the Shoppes? 🙂 Maybe that can carry over to the house.
I am really ready for the cold weather to just move on out. It was already 80 degrees the other day in San Antonio.
But here in Arkansas winter is psyching us out again. A chilly rain has fallen tonight to remind me that its still February.

2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. I am so excited to have discovered your site and talent! I, too, look to vintage fabric and linens to reincarnate as the basis or embellishment of aprons. In fact, that’s the subject of my new book! Please visit my website http://www.apronmemories.com for an upcoming posting and promotion – your aprons are already the perfect entry!Hope to see more of you around the apron-hood!xxeaTie One On…an apron, of course!

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