Spring thou are a heartless tease!

It’s snowing here. After such beautiful weather, most of which I spent looking dreamily out the glass doors of the library, winter so vehemently reminds me that it’s still February.
Snow is still a new wonder to my kids. Last March when we got such a huge snowfall was the first time they had ever seen snow. So even though it had just started and the ground was entirely too warm for it to collect, they donned their puffy coats to go out and play. A futile hunt for gloves resulted in the use of socks to cover and protect little hands.
And what does one require when you finally return from the almost-maybe-possibly -if-it-keeps-up-till-Monday-we-might-get-a-day-off-winter-wonderland outside……. hot chocolate of course.
Today I had a mix, but about a month ago I didn’t and made it from scratch and the pictures you see here are from that time. I had always meant to share them with you but it turned warm and not such hot cocoa weather.
Hope you are all warm and cozy 🙂

One thought on “Brrrrrrbrrrrbrrrrr

  1. Great pics! It’s so funny, Drew and Brady did the same exact thing (Austin was stuck inside with a fever). And yes, I too, even made them hot chocolate 🙂 Haha…great minds!

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