My Favorite Apron

At the moment that is. But I do believe that this one will always be in my Top 5. I mean, come on, how can you pick just one apron.
“Out With the Wash” started life as a pillowcase I picked up a Savers, a North Little Rock thrift store, and one of my favorites at that (once again its hard to pick just one of those as well ). If you’ve read around here before you know I love taking vintage linens and using them in my aprons.
The pillowcase looked to be either homemade or home-embellished. It came simply with the orange shorts sewn on it. I believe it was a part of a “his and hers” set. The “hers” version may have feature something looking more like bloomers. But alas she was not at Savers 😦
I added white rickrack to the former boxer shorts to girly them up a bit. The flower was made from some of the left over pillowcase with a vintage button in the center. Not only does it help in making the shorts more feminine but it hides a stain that I couldn’t get to come out. So moral of that tip is when you can’t “shout it out”….. cover it with a cute embellishment.
Bias tape made easy and neat finishing of the sides as well as the ties. And I finished it off with one of my name tags.
As you can tell this is my laundry apron for the most part but the pocket is great for holding all the things we seem to pick up and accumulate through out the day.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Apron

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