Sometimes life comes at you fast……

No its not an insurance commercial. It’s an explanation.

Where to begin?

You may have noticed my absence as of late. If there is anyone left out there reading.


Ever realize that the world is just spinning and somewhere back there you forgot to keep up? That’s the revelation I came up with this past month. And the result was a sad one yet relieving one. I have left the Shoppes on Woodlawn.

I simply didn’t have time to devote to making my little area what it needed to be. And the pressure to get new aprons and signs and any of my other creations in there just took the fun out of why I loved doing it in the first place.

So I guess I am back to being a hobbyist. I plan to keep up with Etsy, but when i feel up to it .

And I am also involved in some local trunk shows traveling to different Conway schools that feature Arkansas artist that sell on Etsy (AREtsy). And I am always up for the custom job…. when and if I have the time.

I plan to make some things for myself and family, who have been greatly neglected in these past 2 years of my crafting. I want my sewing and crochet and what ever else I decided to dive into to become fun again.

The Library has been a great place to work as well. Although these pretty spring days have made me miss my “housewife” status.
I really, really miss hanging my clothes out to dry. Who would have thought I would miss laundry πŸ˜‰

But I have started a group that meats at the Library. We are called the Yarn-a-holics. It’s a non bias yarn lovers group. If you crochet, knit, spin, weave…… then we are the support group for you. Everyone has been so very supportive of it. We have had close to 20 people every week since we started at the end of March.
So while giving up the Shoppes was a tad depressing, I feel like it has released me to create in many more ways. So hopefully I’ll be here more often showing you my new creations. Thanks for all your support πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Sometimes life comes at you fast……

  1. Welcome back to blogland! Sorry about closing up your shoppe — but I love the support group idea. AND — I sooo want your clothes line. I DREAM of a clothes line like that! Instead, I will continue to drape things on furniture and whatever else — but some day — some day there will be a nice big clothes line in my yard.

    Wow, that was a tangent. As a stay at home mom — there are days I miss my life with the adults (and the paychecks!) However — I then think back to a card I once had that said “We are where we’re supposed to be, doing what we’re supposed to be doing. Otherwise we’d be somewhere else, doing something else.” Simple — but it works!

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