Summertime and the livin’ is easy…..

I can’t wait till summer.
I won’t have the time crunch of dropping the kids off at school and can ride my sweet bike to work. She still need some racks and baskets.
But know we are in a quandary. We are starting to look for a new house. Ben and I are at odds as to what we want. We both agree on more space, that extra bathroom would be awesome. But I would like to stay here in Old Town. He’s looking at things farther out. I love being close to everything and able to ride my sweet bike to work and walk the kids to school and such. The thought of having to drive into town for all that just doesn’t set me at ease. I love the old houses around here. He wants something he wont have to fix.
So keep us in mind while we look into this new shall we say “adventure”.

4 thoughts on “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…..

  1. Don’t know exactly where you live right now, but why don’t you think about moving to the neighborhood that is near the old high school gym? It has houses that are about 30 years old and they are not too old and not too new. I teach school in Conway and I think that it still may be in the zone where your kids go to school. I understand how you love living in an old house. We lived in one too, but my hubby also got tired of going to HDepot every Saturday. I recognized some of my teacher friends from an earlier post. I work at Sallie Cone. Yeah! School’s almost out!

  2. We have the same discussion around here! I love old houses — and am the “handy mommy” as my 3 year old puts it. My husband is not handy AT ALL — and we now live in a new house — because cute with character wasn’t fitting into our budget! And now I’m in someone else’s “newer” home — trying to make it mine…ugh! I think we need some fresh paint! We did move to a neighborhood that has newer houses — but is walking distance to at least a few places. (My husband says its walking distance to town — and for him it is — but 3-4 miles is not what you want to do every trip to and from preschool!)

    Good luck, Jeanetta!

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