Comfort me

Young turnip greens from the garden, purple hull peas, cornbread, and slices of bacon. Comfort food deluxe for dinner.

I always put way to much butter on my cornbread.
There are no pictures for it was consumed quickly.

But comfort comes from many directions. Simple food. Soft breezes. Firm hugs. Old quilts. Warm drinks.

Lately my comfort drink has been Russian Tea. And i am sure the version I drink is very removed from anything served in the Former Soviet Union.

What i discovered from left over wedding favors at the church has been my most favorite drink. Shhhhhh don’t tell coffee please.

Here’s my recipe:
1 part Tang (told you. Very un-Russian)
1 part instant lemon tea
1/2 part sugar (you could leave this out and add to taste as you mix each cup or use honey at that time instead)
tsp each cinnamon, allspice, cloves

Add all ingredients to a mason jar and shake to mix.

Probably add about 2 Tbsp to your cup and fill will boiling water. I never measure it anymore. I just eyeball it and dump it into my cup.

This tea helps in the evening when you want something warm to wind you down. I’ve become old and coffee has started to keep me awake. I have found that when my allergies are out of control that it immediately calms the scratching in the back of my throat. Probably has something to do with the spices.
And it is time for bed for I have finished my cup.


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