What to do with a gift of dry banana nut bread

Make banana bread pudding.

I love thoughtful acts of kindness.  And appreciate them immensely.  But let’s face it, dry banana bread just doesn’t get eaten.  Let’s just “Bless the giver’s little heart” and move forward.

So when presented with this dilemma, do we feed it to the animals, let it set and get moldy, or make something even more scrumptious with it? 

I absolutely adore bread pudding! And what do  you do with dry bread?  I didn’t figure that banana flavored croutons would go over very well so I opted for Banana Bread Pudding.

I figured the bread had all the sweetness already in it so there was no need to add extra sugar.  Slice it up and line your pan.

I crumbled the rest of the bread on top.

Another reason I am a BIG fan of bread pudding is that it uses up our eggs.  With 6 laying hens we get a lot.

So here’s when you just sort of wing it.  No real measuring.  I think I cracked 6-7 eggs and whisked them with whatever milk was left in the jug.  Note to self: Need more milk.
I figured about 3-4 cups of liquid mixture would do it.

Oh yeah, I also added in a generous splash (think cannonball) of coconut rum.  You know, for flavoring and extra moisture.  Remember this bread was parched.
Baked for 40 mins at 350F.

In the meantime, I mixed up, not a traditional whiskey sauce (oh how I do LOVE whiskey sauce) but a coconut rum sauce.  See I wanted to keep the whole tropical flare consistent in the recipe.

Once the bread pudding is out pour the sauce over it while its still warm.  It soaks in so much better.
SO when you are faced with the task of dealing with dry banana bread either of your own making or someone else’s, I do hope this tip comes to mind.

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