Snow cream for breakfast

What did I do last night when the snow kept coming and the wind kept blowing? 
 Let the water drip?  Umm no, probably should have thought about that though.
Make sure the generator was ready to go?  No, we don’t have one.
No, I had my priorities straight.  I was setting out casserole dishes and pots, anything to catch the snow in so we could have snow cream for breakfast.
There are lots of recipes you can find on the web but I prefer just to use these simple ingredients.
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla
6 cups of snow
Combine your inside ingredients together.  This gives the sugar a chance to dissolve some in the milk.
Take everything outside including your bowl you plan to mix in.  Scoop in 3 cups of snow.  I don’t really measure.  I use a big mixing spoon and just say that’s a cup.
Pour the milk mixture on top.  You kind of need to work fast or it will start to melt the snow.  Not to mention the fact that your out on the front porch in you galoshes and nightgown and its a bit brisk.
Scoop up 3 more spoonfuls and start stirring.
When you come in you have to act fast or the heat from you cozy house will start to melt the snow cream.

Make sure you put any extra in the freezer.  Since two of the kids are at mom’s, Luke and I had some left over.
WARNING: Do not eat this fast or you will be suffering from the worse case of brain freeze ever had.  Keep cups of cocoa and coffee on hand.

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