Sunny side of life

The warmer weather is back and I am grateful for the sun that shines through the window of my office.  I do like the ebb and flow of winter in Arkansas when there is a nice balance.  It’s good to have the low temps.  It helps kill off the mosquitoes.  But being a Southern girl and unaccustomed to long dark days of winter, I like to have a bright and sunny pick me up in between.

Now, from sunny to funny, covering all those little moments that are there to pick you  up and make you smile.  This is my most favorite little piece of graffiti in town.  It started out as an empty white shape with a red border on a vacant building.  Obviously just the cover up of an old business logo of sorts.  First came the spray paint turning it into a crude likeness of a name tag sticker. “Hello, my name is……”.  Then recently there was a bit more added.

This makes me incredibly happy when I drive past everyday.  I smile.   

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