Minecraft style

Children are time machines.  Constantly making time go by so fast as they grow in a blink of an eye yet drawing out memories of your own childhood or of them in younger forms.

Luke is nine. NINE.  And like most nine year old boys is totally immersed in the game Minecraft.  It’s a computer game.  You build.  You dig. You fight odd and strange creatures.  If you want a more in depth explanation (and you have an hour or more) go ask the nearest 7-12 year old.  

He said he just wanted to go play at the park with his friends (YAY! I don’t have to clean the house). So what could be more perfect than a Minecraft Party for his birthday. There are tons of ideas out there on Pinterest and other blogging sites to get ideas.  Some were way too elaborate for my rather last minute preparations but I was able to really take the ideas and make them fit.  

Everything in Minecraft is blocky so I went after foods that were rather square.  

I opted for rice crispy treats instead of cake.  I could make a few batches in the microwave a lot faster than I could mix up a cake, wait for it to cool, then decorate it.  Cocoa Crispies were used to look like the blocks of dirt that are very prevalent in the game.

Phoebe iced the the tops of the squares with a thin layer of chocolate icing so that the green sugar sprinkles would stick to look like grass.  And let me tell you.  Icing on a rice crispy treat in pretty darn good!  I made regular treats too and said they would look like the gold blocks that are dug up in the game but was corrected that they were actually more like the sand blocks because the color wasn’t just right to be gold.  Glad that was cleared up before the party.  I certainly didn’t want to be committing any Minecraft faux pas.

I grabbed a bag of cheese cubes and some straight pretzels.  I thought if you speared a cube on the end of your pretzel stick it would look like a torch.  The boys thought it looked more like a mallet but happily ate them anyway.

And don’t forget juice boxes are very blocky in shape. 

For party favors we grabbed anything green.  It’s sort of the main color in the game and how lucky were we that Luke’s birthday falls right before St. Patrick’s Day.  I also did some high tech work too.  Youtube is flooded with Minecraft song parodies of popular hits.  There are places on the web where you can convert the videos to mp3 files.  I created a playlist in iTunes then burned it to a CD.  Those received rave reviews in the fact that they wouldn’t have to sit on the computer to listen to the songs anymore.  You’re welcomed, glad I could help.

Everyone had a great time. Luke face planted into his treat after the song.  Such the ham.  The boys ran crazy at the park.  There were rice crispy treats for all and the weather was awesome.

Happy birthday Luke!


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