Not happy

Lately I haven’t been fit for human interaction. Maybe it’s the weather. I really need to be prepared for cold weather. If not then I end up like this.

Sitting at a football game in ballet flats and leggings on cold bleachers. I wasn’t happy. 
The dream of having my porch swing finally came true. 

It was lovely. But then the old hooks that had been in the porch for God knows how long pulled out of the ceiling. The chain and hook landing across my nose and the top of my head. Not so lovely and not happy one bit. 

Sometimes people say things not realizing the company they are with. That there might be one person that their comment hurt. That their comment embarrassed.  Hurt can to turn to anger. Anger is not happy. 
Anger is a road trip you can stay on a bit too long. 
I’ve never been one to relish in the long distance journey but I seem to be stuck in the traffic. Or maybe just stranded along the side of the road. 
More happy thoughts need to come my way. More hot baths to warm cold toes. More crispy bacon as a main course and not a side. More dark chocolate and stout beer. More happy, less not so. 

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