Bring your kid to work day

So it’s like having a baby and a puppy. At the same time.  With you at work.
Somewhere in this past week and a half I have a acquired a 4th child.  Kid, actually and literally.  For all practical purposes I am mom to little Blessyou Holly.  At least in her mind
The name is a compromise like all things.  I was always saying bless you because she sneezed a lot and Ben wanted to call her Holly. So either or both work.  It’s not like they ever come when we call them.
She’s wondering why she can’t have a #nipplebucket like the baby goats at the Beekman Farm.
I’m sure I’m doing this whole bottle feeding thing all wrong.  We are both way too attached.  But I only know one way to take care of a baby.  Feed it.  Clean it.  Love it.
She’s the biggest star of the church office and I’m so thankful that I work in a goat-friendly environment.  
I’m sure I may be the only person in the world to text their boss asking if it was okay to bring a goat to work for the next few weeks. 
Blessyou Holly has stolen all their hearts.  Parishioners actually stop by just to see her or are surprised by her appearance and say that she has just brightened their day.  Did I mention she’s spoiled rotten.
But after a week of juggling my work schedule and Blessyou Holly’s feeding, pooping, and social schedule, I was perfectly happy to leave her in the custody of the Spring Breakers at my house.  It’s good for her to not be dependent ONLY on me.  Because eventually she will go back into the pen with the others.  I can’t have a full size goat roaming my house.  The end tables would never survive.
She and her brother/cousin (same daddy different moms who are half sisters– see farm yard novellas!) get along so at least she’ll have a friend to pal around with.  She just needs to get a little bigger so she wont get run over so much.  And she needs to learn how to be a real goat.  But hopefully I’ll always be momma.

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