Here we go again: Arkansas Women Bloggers University

I’m excited!


It’s time for Arkansas Women Bloggers University!

Follow all the fun as the Arkansas Women Bloggers descend on Rogers, Arkansas for an exciting weekend of community, classes, and crazy fun!

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I’m going early for the Taste Arkansas sponsored Foodie Friday event “The Abundant Bounty of Arkansas” so you better believe there will be some good eats!

I am also joining in the Handmade Marketplace again this year.

Crocheted dishcloth

So I am frantically making completely prepared with all my crafty creations. (Confession: I may have just crocheted a cover for a coffee tin. It’s possible that this train just went off the rails)


A stitch in time

I spent the evening before school starting working through a well stacked pile of mending.  Let’s just say I didn’t stitch most of them up in time and didn’t save 9.


Obviously these were both repairs for the female side of the family.  I love being able to pull out my stash of old lace and crocheted doilies to fix and item both practically and beautifully.  I imagine myself as Ma Ingles from the Little House books working away in the lamp light.  Pay no attention the HGTV or BBCAmerica episodes droning in the back ground.

Back to school prayer bookmarks

***If you will go to my current website you will find an updated version of the bookmarks.

I spend a lot of time working up little graphic design things for the church I work at.  These were my latest creations and I thought that I would share them.  We can all use some prayer on the first day back to school (and through out the year).  Students & teachers alike.  Just tuck these into your planner, pin it to your bulletin board or tape it to the inside of your locker.

Student Prayer Bookmark

student bookmark front

Click here for the pdf printable version. Student Prayer Bookmark

Teacher Prayer Bookmark

Teacher bookmark front

Click here for the pdf printable version. Teacher Prayer Bookmark

Have an awesome year!

Drawing from boredom

It’s June and we’ve had so much rain I have actually heard Arkansans say they didn’t care how hot it would get they just wanted to see the sun.  I recall that scene in Forest Gump where he lists all the different kinds of rain.

big ole rain

little bitty stinging rain

sideways rain

It was a long cold winter that everyone was ready to crawl out from under only to be driven back inside and hope we hadn’t wasted those cold months by not building an ark for spring instead of pouring over seed catalogs.  I think we are all bored for the most part. 

My boredom drove me to unbury my drafting table.  Yes the rain drove me to clean.  Off went the pillows and bags of tangled yarn and discarded cardigans.  Out came my sketch books and scratch paper and pencils.

I’m finding myself here most evenings.  Last year I was determined to bring my artistic skills back into my daily routine but fail miserably in that discipline.  The best I could muster was a doodle every now and then.  I was an art student in college and it’s odd to think how that drawing and painting encompassed my days 20 years ago hardly crosses my mind now.  But I’m here for the moment and it feels good.

I’m not cloistering myself away.  The door is open for that wondering child who is bored as well and I do venture out for this and that but seem to find myself drawn to the drafting table.

Home is where the hearth is

Arkansas weather is being, well, Arkansas weather.  A friend described it as “winter weather whiplash.”  The temps have been on a yo-yo and my sinuses are NOT enjoying the ride.

We’ve been dreaming of a wood stove since we moved to the hill. I guess you could say since we moved back to Arkansas since our first house didn’t have one either. In San Antonio we longed for days cool enough to build a fire in the fireplace. But when we move further north where the winters actually feel like winter we were fireplace-less.  We also worried about not having an alternate heating source since our house in all electric. 

I was determined to have a wood stove that was pretty.  One that complemented the decor of the living room and wasn’t a big black box (I was willing to paint it if need be.)

After searching Pinterest, I found some absolutely adorable models only to realize “These aren’t sold in the US only Europe” or “Good Lordy! That’s the price of a small car!”  My style taste was not in our price range.

But this year Craiglist brought a Christmas Miracle.  A man had bought a new house with a wood stove in it but his wife wanted it out.  (In my opinion she must have not been right in the head.) 

So he posted it for a song!  $350 + the gas to Memphis + a meal at the Rendevous for Ben & his friends that helped move it.

We spent most of our Christmas vacation building the hearth and bricking the wall.

(I plan to continue under the chair rail eventually.)

Our goal was to have it operational by the end of January.  And after much waiting on stovepipe and cutting holes in the ceiling and buying elbows for the piping (Good Lord we spent  more on those than the stove.  They aren’t cheap.)  theeeeeen, cutting a hole in the roof (that was not without a lot of nervousness on my part)……….

We were able to enjoy our first fire in our wood stove this weekend! 

Just in time for 67° F weather.  Our second fire sent us running to open windows last night when the thermostat reached 79°.  But rest assured its 31° today.

And I’m looking forward to curling up on the couch tonight and enjoy the show.