Walk toward knowledge

My first class on webdesign was great.

But wow!  There is a whole lot of truth behind the low numbers of females in computer science.  Out of six students, I was the only female.  Now I have never been shocked to be the only “girl” (I use that term loosely because at 38 my “girliness” has long since past) in a group.  And maybe we can attribute this to the fact that it was an outreach class not an actual college credit class.

Either way I’m loving this adventure.  Maybe this is my metaphorical walk for Alison Chino’s #48walks series.  I’m walking toward knowledge.

During my time at the library I considered going back to school to get an MLS.  After taking the GRE and I left a mess with my brain running out my ears I wasn’t sure that going back to college was right for me.  After all it has been 15 years since I’ve been to any kind of class.

But learning this.  It’s so applicable.  I can see the results of my learning.  And it’s something I deal with every day.


The Snow Walk

In my mind I love to go on walks.  I think about them all the time.  I reality I do love a good walk but never seem to find the time.  Or make the time.  The time is there.  It just involves me getting off my butt.

Al thought for some reason when it snows on the hill I’m motivated.  Maybe it’s just a subconscious effort  to fight off the coming boredom.  But I’d like to think it has more to do with wanting to see the beautiful outside in a blanket of winter white.

At the beginning of this year Alison Chino invited all of us to walk with her.  Now since she’s living in Scotland at the moment (poor lass) these are virtual walks she shares on her blog.  She has challenged herself and those interested in making #48walks.  That’s almost a walk a week with a couple off got good behavior.  One of my favorite things to anticipate is the beautiful pictures Allison posts of her walks on Instagram.  I’ve got to start that trip-to-Scotland fund soon.

So when Friday night covered the hillside in snow, I knew Saturday would want a walk.  After a breakfast of eggs in toast, I suited up in my hiking boots and insulated Carhartt bib overalls (these are my saving grace in the cold weather) and we headed up the hill.

Our land is covered with trees so when the ice comes as it did before the snow we tend to lose a lot of branches and even some of the trees themselves.  This was a good time to survey what needed to be cleaned up and removed come warmer weather.  More firewood for next year.

Luke started out with us on the snow walk.

HE of course found the trees with the old rope swing and climbers for an old deer stand.  Please pray for no emergency room visits.

Here is where the snow walk becomes the wishing walk.  We crossed the barbed wire fencing onto the adjacent land.  Land we wish and hope and pray will be ours some day.  Ben and I headed down the hill to the wide open pasture.  Clusters of small birds rise up from the snowy grasses as we walk along.

We concluded our walk by heading back up the hill to the house with stops to say hello to the goats.  They were interested in treats.  But were happy to stand there while I rubbed their necks and scratched between their horns.

The chickens weren’t at all enticed to venture out.  A few steps down the gang plank to double check that the ground was still white and it was back inside for them.

I returned to the house frosty faced ans ever so happy for the wood stove.  And hot drinks.

I hope I can do this more often.  Make walking one of my conscious efforts.  Maybe.