Here we go again: Arkansas Women Bloggers University

I’m excited!


It’s time for Arkansas Women Bloggers University!

Follow all the fun as the Arkansas Women Bloggers descend on Rogers, Arkansas for an exciting weekend of community, classes, and crazy fun!

Check out my post with the hashtag #AWBU on my Instagram & Twitter accounts.

I’m going early for the Taste Arkansas sponsored Foodie Friday event “The Abundant Bounty of Arkansas” so you better believe there will be some good eats!

I am also joining in the Handmade Marketplace again this year.

Crocheted dishcloth

So I am frantically making completely prepared with all my crafty creations. (Confession: I may have just crocheted a cover for a coffee tin. It’s possible that this train just went off the rails)


A glamping we will go

Hi ho the merry-o, a glamping we will go!

Take the natural beauty of Petit Jean State Park, the woodland fairy-like fantasy of twinkle lights, a treasure trove of vintage linens along with six bloggers and you have the inaugural Arkansas Glamping event.  I spent a weekend with some old and new friends trying our hand at glamping.

Glamorous Camping indeed!

We made things so pretty the Tourism department sent a photographer for a photo shoot!
The yurts at Petit Jean never looked so good after we got our hands on them.
While I do love campfire coffee my addiction requires swift action in the mornings so I was very thankful for the electical outlets to plug in my coffee pot.  I loved sitting quietly with my cup of coffee as the sun rose over Bailey Lake.
My retro styled bike and a crown of glittered stars suited our Glamping style just fine.
We ate and talked into the wee hours.  And we laughed uncontrollably when a HUGE bug flew into someones hair.  Oh the flailing that commenced!
Proper lighting is always key and when Glamping a chandelier is a must.
As well as pretty bunting.  Oh the bunting!
I think friendship is the biggest gift we all came away with from our first Glamping weekend.
Even when we were soaked through from a quick and heavy downpour, it didn’t dampen our spirits.
This place really didn’t need our help to be glamorous or beautiful.  I’m so proud of the natural beauty of my state.

It was the most fun!  And I think in the aftermath we all suffered a twinge of withdrawal. You can check out other post from our Glamping weekend from my fellow glampers:

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Arkansas Glamping Logo

You can find out more information about Arkansas Glamping on Facebook & Twitter.  And you can see more pictures from our fabulous weekend on Instagram by following #GlampingAR or #FancyCamp.

Wonder and Wander at Moss Mountain Farm

A few weeks ago when we were sure that the animals would be lining up two by two, I was invited to tour P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm. I donned my boots and my favorite sun hat which I figured could double nicely as an umbrella when the moment came.

Even though the yard was crawling with bloggers and those of the social media bent the land and home gave off quite a calm serene feel. As if you could just start walking without a care and let the mind wander…. and wonder. 
Meandering the garden paths in the mist and thunder.

Wishing you could waste the day on the sleeping porch as the clouds rolled over the river.

Pondering the vegetable patch.

And traipsing through wet fields and muddy roads to visit chickens.

I was especially captivated by an original painting of Allen’s hanging in the front parlor. A larger landscape of rolling hills and pasture land.

This was his family’s farm in Tennessee. If you stared long enough you could see the trees and grass almost sway with wind. And imagine the work happening on the homestead. I love pieces of art that hold personal history. 

The house is full of windows big and small that open up to a view that seemed to never end.

They all invited you to lounge on a cushion or rest your shoulder into a windowsill and just take in the drizzle and fog of the Arkansas River Valley.

By the time we were leaving I was damp and muddy and all my curls had sprung despite my big hat. But it was a wonderful, wanderful day.

“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it.”  -William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Flowers in the snow

The Farmer’s Almanac didn’t lie when they said this winter would be exceptionally harsh.  Sleet, ice, and finally snow this weekend.  But in the midst of the cold wind and rain there is something growing.  Something getting ready to bloom.  And once the bulbs start poking their fat green buds up out of the snowy cold ground, I know before I’m ready it will be time to prep the garden. 

So on Tuesday after a glazing of ice, I ventured out to attend a pre-event for the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show that will be happening later this month.  Cars full of Arkansas Women Bloggers arrived at a lovely house with wonderful food and a nice warm fire. 

Our hosts for the evening were Clark and Henrik owners of Colonial Wine and Spirits and as they wined and dined us the great folks from the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show gave us a taste of what we might see that weekend and how their main focus is on education.

Download the Schedule of Events and Programming.

I know for myself I always feel like I’m bumbling along with my gardening.  That I’ve just by the grace of God inherited a tint of my dad’s deep green thumb.  I’m always longing to learn more and for it all to really sink in and that I know what to do without having to give it much thought.

The sunny faces of jonquils and daffodils will be bobbing with the breeze in my yard soon.  Bulbs that have lived there for years long before we arrived on the hill.  There are a few red tulips that pop up along with the sweet smelling hyacinths.  Dad always took immense pride in his bulbs.  Carefully digging them back up every year and storing them on a shelf in the garage.  We would pour over the catalogs from Holland planning what we wanted for the next year.  I think I’d like to add more tulips to the yard.  Crocuses and grape hyacinths too.

Along with a wonderful evening we went home with some great goodies.  Among the loot were tickets to the Flower and Garden Show February 21-23.  I have 4 tickets to give away.  I don’t do too many giveaways but we’ll see how this goes.  Two names will be selected and each receive 2 tickets.  Please comment below and tell me what your plans are for your garden this year.