Lifting my spirits

*Rock Town Distillery invited a few Arkansas Women Bloggers to participate in a free tour and tasting. I was given a free bottle of my choosing from their product line, but all opinions expressed in this post are my very own.*

Last week I grabbed Cyndi and blew this popsicle stand of a town Conway. We headed for the Rock. It had been a crazy week. Ok maybe a crazy two weeks. I was tired, easily frustrated and still hanging on the tale end of a cold. I had been looking forward to this evening all week.

As part of an Arkansas Women Bloggers event we joined some other AWB cohorts in a tour of Arkansas’s first legal distillery since Prohibition, Rock Town Distillery.

This place being very true to its name is not only an All-Arkansas company but a national & international award winning distiller of spirits. And only in their third year.

We arrived earlier than the tour time so while we primped in the car we called the distillery.

Could we possibly come in early?

The answer was a resounding YES that the bar was waiting for us. Remember it had been a tough week. HALLELUJAH!

Josh was waiting for us behind the tasting bar. I ordered up a Fuzzy Lightning or maybe it was called a Lightning Navel. As you can tell it was the Arkansas Lightning version of Fuzzy Navel. Using their peach flavored moonshine instead of the the traditional schnaps made the drink much lighter and not as syrupy sweet.

I also tried the Hot Doctor (which I nicknamed McDreamy) made from Dr. Pepper and their Lightning Hot Cinnamon Moonshine.

Josh was highly entertaining and as the rest of our tour made it in we got the meet the founder Phil Brandon and his wife Diana.

They have truly made it their passion to create a great product from the Natural State. If they can get the ingredient or element from Arkansas they will.

The tour was nothing short of an excellent lesson in history, science, and craft.

Prohibition and fermentation and everything from barrel making to unique facility designed by Phil (who just happened to be an engineer in his pre-distiller life). I really want to take the kids back for the tour. Phoebe is doing her history day project on Prohibition so I really feel like its very necessary 😉

I loved the smell of everything in there. The scent of the whiskey aging in oak barrels and the amazing aroma of rye fermenting in the next room made me wish I could pull up a chair and table and order up a steak dinner. It also made me really miss when Ben would make a batch of beer. I came directly home and have been encouraging him to start this again. Or maybe I’ll just take it up.

I left the distillery with my choice of a bottle of the Lightning Hot Cinnamon Moonshine. I had holiday drinks on the brain. I was initially planning on adding it to some apple cider but when I didn’t have any at the house I made a substitution. What is more festive at this time of year than the cranberry?

I encourage you to seek out and find any of the Arkansas Lightning or Brandon’s products. Rock Town Distillery is not only dedicated to supporting Arkansas but to handcrafted principles as well. And they are just good people.


Irish cream- Southern style

There’s a slight chill in the night air.  Just perfect for nights around the fire pit counting the stars as they come out and watching the coals pulsing in the dark.  These are the nights for warm drinks.  Apple Cider.  Hot Chocolate.  Steaming Coffee. 
These are the nights I wish I would quit forgetting to buy that bottle of Irish Cream.  So yesterday afternoon I decided that I could probably come up with my own recipe.  We did have bourbon at the house left over from my latest drunk jelly.  Bourbon is whiskey.  Irish Cream is made with Irish whiskey, right?
So I compiled a few different recipes and came up with a quick and easy recipe that I like to call Southern Cream.

Southern Cream Recipe

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup or the small carton of heavy cream (or light cream or half and half)
2 tbsps instant coffee crystals
2 tbsps chocolate syrup
1 tsp vanilla flavoring
1-2 cups of Bourbon (you can make the call here)
Most of the recipes recommended putting all of the ingredients into a blender.  Seeing as I have no blender I poured everything into a large Mason jar.  I figured I could just tighten the lid down good and shake it for all it was worth.  And it’s in its own storage container too.  No blender to clean.  
Southern Cream is great in your coffee, hot chocolate, poured over ice cream, or in a glass with some ice cubes.  I’m sure it’s also delightful as seen pictured in this pin from Pinterest that’s making all the rounds.