Clean out the fridge quiche

Quiche is always an option at our house.  We are never at a loss for eggs and I actually love recipes that allow me to burn through a dozen at a time.

Usually when I make quiche it ends up being one of those “clean out the fridge” kind of recipes.  What little bits of leftovers sound good together?

Tonight a small serving of leftover collards and bacon were plumped up with some sauteed onions, spinach and more bacon.  It is my philosophy that you cannot go wrong with more bacon.

Clean Out the Fridge Quiche – The Bacon Onion Collard Version

Get 2 Pie crusts, either already in the a shell or the rolled up kind you can put in your own plate.  I never make my own pie crust.  My dinners are always too “on the fly.”

Crack 12 eggs.  See working through our abundance.

Pour 2 cups of milk into the eggs.  Honestly, I didn’t measure this because well I rarely measure anything unless I’m baking but 2 cups sounds about right.  Go ahead and add salt, pepper, paprika and garlic as you like to the egg and milk mixture.

Cut five strips of bacon into one inch pieces and saute them with about half a cup of chopped onions.  When your bacon is nice and crispy and the onions are soft, add the left over collards to warm.  Grab a handful of fresh spinach and give it a rough chop the add this to the greens just to wilt them.

Divide the bacon and greens mixture between the 2 pie shells then split the milk and egg mixture filling each about half way or until even.

Bake at 400F until puffy and golden brown, give or take 25 minutes.

This was a much welcomed meal that my family dug into after a busy day of work, school and sports practice before embarking on the nightly tasks of finishing History Day projects.

I hope you enjoy it.  Remember cooking is fun and improvisational.  How else do you think people come up with their own special recipes that everyone asks for for years to come.