A glamping we will go

Hi ho the merry-o, a glamping we will go!

Take the natural beauty of Petit Jean State Park, the woodland fairy-like fantasy of twinkle lights, a treasure trove of vintage linens along with six bloggers and you have the inaugural Arkansas Glamping event.  I spent a weekend with some old and new friends trying our hand at glamping.

Glamorous Camping indeed!

We made things so pretty the Tourism department sent a photographer for a photo shoot!
The yurts at Petit Jean never looked so good after we got our hands on them.
While I do love campfire coffee my addiction requires swift action in the mornings so I was very thankful for the electical outlets to plug in my coffee pot.  I loved sitting quietly with my cup of coffee as the sun rose over Bailey Lake.
My retro styled bike and a crown of glittered stars suited our Glamping style just fine.
We ate and talked into the wee hours.  And we laughed uncontrollably when a HUGE bug flew into someones hair.  Oh the flailing that commenced!
Proper lighting is always key and when Glamping a chandelier is a must.
As well as pretty bunting.  Oh the bunting!
I think friendship is the biggest gift we all came away with from our first Glamping weekend.
Even when we were soaked through from a quick and heavy downpour, it didn’t dampen our spirits.
This place really didn’t need our help to be glamorous or beautiful.  I’m so proud of the natural beauty of my state.

It was the most fun!  And I think in the aftermath we all suffered a twinge of withdrawal. You can check out other post from our Glamping weekend from my fellow glampers:

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Arkansas Glamping Logo

You can find out more information about Arkansas Glamping on Facebook & Twitter.  And you can see more pictures from our fabulous weekend on Instagram by following #GlampingAR or #FancyCamp.


Thank you Misty G

We are horrible about checking our mail. We drive by the line of mailboxes that are at the end of our long driveway everyday with the thought that oh it’s nothing but circulars. We pay bills online so we aren’t derelict about that. And I just hate seeing all of that paper trash. What a waste. 

So when we do check the mail it’s usually quite a haul. I’m sure the postman loves us. 
As we returned home on the first from visiting friends. I spurted out check the mailbox. We always dread opening the box during the holidays. I’m about to reveal something that will seem completely hateful. We don’t do Christmas cards. And I don’t just mean we don’t send them. And this is where it always sounds horrible. We would rather not receive them. It’s honestly a clutter thing. Paper just piles up. And I never do anything clever with them. I’m lucky to have a tree up. So they just pile up. Then I feel bad because what am I to do with this. I want to toss it with the rest of the mail. I’m trying to figure out how you say oh please don’t waste the card and postage on me. If you want to email me your picture or just mail me a little slip of paper that says merry Christmas. I’d love that more. 
So while many people find my view on Christmas card giving rude or unspirited I’m truly sorry. Would you rather know that we open it look at it and toss it in the trash. I love your sentiment really I do but I’m drownding in paper. 
A few times this year when I was asked for my address I tactfully tried to share this. When one such friend started this conversation with me I began my speel. 
Oh I’m not sending a card. It’s a package. 
OH? I love packages. 
So I forked over the address and promptly got busy with those million and one things that seem to come up right before the holidays. Totally forgetting I was expecting a package. Nothing big she said just something that made her think of me. 
I’ve been communicating with Misty a lot lately concerning our artistic endeavors. She inspired me to take some first steps early last year but I never got fully committed to it. Not enough of a conscious effort. 

So how happy was I to finally bring in the mail and find this. 
“Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith. It’s full of prompts and nudges and really pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

And just in time on the first of the year. When I had begun to lament that I had half envisioned starting some kind of art everyday project but hadn’t prepared for. Misty had me covered. 

No reason not to start now. 


We’ve spent the day finishing home improvement projects and eating our peas with friends. Sleeping it all off near a fire with crochet and bread pudding smothered in whiskey sauce. All in all a pretty perfect start to the new year. 

I don’t make resolutions or even goals for that matter. But I do have some conscious efferts I plan on trying my hardest at. Cleaning, making art, not wallowing in my grumpiness. The first two seem very conflicting to each other while the last just goes against my natural inclinations. But until I’m able to completely become a hermit and recluse I’ll have to resolve myself to coexist with people. 
Happy new year. 

Campfires and pumpkins

Fall has arrived!  Even if we are still running the AC in the afternoons, we will gladly don our jackets and sweaters and scarves for the crisp mornings. 

I love everything about fall.  I love that I can sit with my window open and enjoy the breeze while I’m stuck at my desk. 

I love the colors of the leaves and watching them float to the ground.  Once they are gone the view from my front porch will be wider. 

I love that we tend to have more guest this time of year.  We all gather around the fire pit till the wee hours.

And I love the pumpkins and mums.

You can find me posting about campfires over on the Camp Lovely blog……..

“When you make new friends at camp one of the best places to really get to know each other is around a fire.  The flicker of the flames and the pulsing glow of the coals seem to hypnotize those seated at its warmth.  Maybe the fire helps fill in those awkward silences that can happen when new friends meet”……. Read more here

I’m also a pumpkin guest poster for Desperately Seeking {Gina} today……

“Every fall I pull out my soapbox and proclaim to every would be jack o lantern maker,

‘You know you can eat that.'”……. Read more here