Home is where my garden is

I thoroughly enjoyed our week at the gulf. It was just the kind of unplugging I needed. But in those down times I couldn’t help but think of the many things I wish I could be taking care of at my house. I’m probably the only person that wishes she was at home working her way through the mountain of laundry while she’s lounging on a beach. But I did miss my garden.



This summer has been uncommonly wet and cool. I haven’t had to water my garden at all. We didn’t even set out the soaker hose or set the timer while we were away.  The garden truly is my choice of relaxation. The smell of crushed tomato leaves is as soothing as a bunch of lavender.  My zucchini was terrible ambitious while we were away and I foresee great amounts of tasty zucchini bread in our future.





zucchini bread recipe