Support your local farmer

Saturday morning I woke up, ignoring the beginning signs of what has come to be known as the plague, and suddenly remember something important.

I had heard a rumor that our local Farmers Market had changed locations. A mere mile or so away from my house in a church parking lot. Antioch is right next to the Faulkner Co. Natural Resource Center who organizes the market so it seems like a great fit. And it’s closer to me so that makes me very happy. Anyway I popped out of bed destined to find out if this was true. 
And low and behold it was. 
I took Barbara Kingsolver’s approach and was determined to spread out my selection among as many farmers as I could. Well I knew I couldn’t bank roll everyone. And I wasn’t in the market for the crafts available (although all very nice, especially the lady selling the sweet little handmade Barbie dresses. Phoebe are you sure you’re not too old?)

I bought a lovely bunch of onions. So white and shiny with crisp green tops. This was a farmer who took pride in his wares. One farmer lady had beautiful bouquets of zinnias on her table. I was strongly avoiding the strawberries (see why) that populated her table but those flowers!! My sister and her family were in for the weekend and they would make such a lovely display on the table. She hadn’t planned on selling them but she did have do many and I was very persistent. 
“Here” I said dumping the onions from their plastic bag into my shopping bag “I can put them in here”. And I had a lovely bouquet for $4!!  I also bought plants to finish out my garden. Cucumber. Dill. Cilantro. 

I’m glad the farmer’s market is back. I’m glad it’s closer to me. And I’m really excite about supporting local farmers.