Getting away: Shellbanks

We have returned to Shellbanks.

This Ft. Morgan, Alabama vacation rental I found on VRBO 3 years ago has become our home away from home.  It seemed like the weeks leading up to our getaway just intensified our need to be here.  With trying to sell the house downtown, financially speaking going on this trip might not have been the most responsible thing but after being here for 3 days I know health wise we couldn’t have done anything but.

My first evening sitting on the new dock, watching the sun set and listening to the waves in the Bay of Mobile as they hit the bank almost brought me to tears.  I hadn’t realized how much longing for this week had built up inside of me.

I never feel like I have to do anything here to enjoy my time.  Sitting for hours on the back deck or on the sand at the near by Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is all the entertainment I need.  Watching the pelicans and herons and gulls swoop down for the catch or fight over a seat on the old pylons of a former dock have me amused just fine.

We brought fishing poles for the first time and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed that.  Even thought they haven’t caught anything.  Luke is determined and even as he gets frustrated and storms away from the dock you can always find him back out there eventually. 


Ben caught two small fish that we have use for bait in the crab traps.  We’ve had a steady diet of boiled crab.  No one is complaining.

Its always so quiet here.  The house is secluded amongst a forest of Spanish moss laden oaks.  They hug the house and deck and you almost forget the neighbors on either side until someone walks out on the their dock.  There are these pink flowers on tall bushes that sway and wave you out onto the dock.  I don’t know their name but they smell divine.

I could honestly live here forever.  You know if it wasn’t for the whole finding a job that pays the bills here and all/  For now we will just relish in our week of it being ours.  We will live the life of beach bums and Gulf Coasters.

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Back to the bay

We’ve returned to our little spot of rented paradise for a week. I’m trying to let these early morning sounds of the waves and wind and pelicans and gulls wash away the tensions of bickering children. 
I think I might sneak in and steal all mobile devises. And start enforcing the kiss & hug make up rule.