Back to school prayer bookmarks

***If you will go to my current website you will find an updated version of the bookmarks.

I spend a lot of time working up little graphic design things for the church I work at.  These were my latest creations and I thought that I would share them.  We can all use some prayer on the first day back to school (and through out the year).  Students & teachers alike.  Just tuck these into your planner, pin it to your bulletin board or tape it to the inside of your locker.

Student Prayer Bookmark

student bookmark front

Click here for the pdf printable version. Student Prayer Bookmark

Teacher Prayer Bookmark

Teacher bookmark front

Click here for the pdf printable version. Teacher Prayer Bookmark

Have an awesome year!


17 thoughts on “Back to school prayer bookmarks

  1. These are awesome! I love the designs and it’s SO important to encourage prayer for both our students and teachers. Thank you for helping make it easier for both, and for offering this!

  2. LOVE this idea and the graphics. Share it on the church pinterest board and on FB – now that’s serious endorsement! I think you could recycle these around “teacher gift” times!

    • Thank you so much Jamie. I think I’m going to start posting a bunch more of my graphic designs. You guys all make me feel so good about them.

  3. Love the prayer bookmarks! Thought I would let you know there’s a misspelling in the teacher prayer. The second “with” is misspelled. However, I still love them! Great job!

  4. Just came across your blog this morning! We are hosting a homeschool back-to-school party in a few weeks and the bookmarks will be great to give to the mama’s!! Is there any possibility to correct the spelling of “with” in the teacher’s bookmark? Thank you!

  5. These are going to be great to add to our “goodie bags” for the the students & teachers at our church back to school night!! Thank you so much!!!

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